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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I want to express my gratitude to Mr. George S. Yardley for the incredible work he performed, to provide me with the very best: I am forever grateful----!!

Best-Pierre Wolfe, Denver CO

George is a consultant, not a salesperson. He determines your needs, and what you want, then provides solutions. His knowledge of the market and products is excellent. If you want guidance, information and what best suits your situation, you won’t find better than George Yardley.

Ken H., Parker, CO

I thought I had some knowledge of Medicare until it came time to enroll. George Yardley was so helpful and explained things so it was easy to understand. I felt a lot better having him on our side. He has been there following up each year for Medicare D enrollment, and to check each prescription you take to help advise you on the best plan for you. I will continue to recommend him to family and friends.

Jo L., Norton, KS

We were lucky to have Mr. George Yardley to enroll in a supplemental insurance, very pleasant and professional we definitely recommend.

Viola and Jose M., Denver, CO

We were fortunate to find George Yardley for our health & prescription insurances. He found us affordable plans that suit our needs. We appreciate that he saved us the stress of researching. He also keeps us informed when he finds less expensive plans.

Mary G., Montrose, CO

Mr. George Yardley was instrumental in assisting my husband and I in getting a supplement when we retired and went on Medicare. He asked all the right questions, did the research, and found us the best deal for our needs. Have actually had him find us a better deal when our insurances got too pricey and he came through again and again. Would recommend George for any and all insurance needs as he is one agent who takes the time to serve his clients proper.

John and Debbie P., Kirksville, CO

George Yardley is the most knowledgeable persons I know regarding Medicare AND insurance for everyone! I’ve introduced him to others at my nonprofit, Bessie’s Hope, and all are amazed at his expertise, his answers to all questions, and the savings they experience----not to mention peace of mind!!! The work of Bessie’s Hope is in elder care facilities, enhancing lives. George even arranged for insurance for someone in a nursing home. Thank you, George.

Linda H., Thornton, CO

For anyone researching enrollment information, or looking to change coverage, in regard to their Medicare Supplement insurance options, I highly recommend the service George Yardley provides. When choosing among those various options, it can become very overwhelming to say the least. George not only explained the programs available, but helped me make my choice of coverage based on my particular health coverage needs. In addition, once enrolled, he is easily approachable with any questions that may arise. Based on his knowledge and expertise in the Medicare Insurance field, I continue to recommend George Yardley to my friends that are reaching retirement age.

Gary N., Montrose, CO

We have been with George for ten years and have been more than pleased with the manner in which, from the start, he has serviced our insurance needs, always searching for a better premium rate and keeping us informed. Our secondary medical coverage has always been affordable as he has advised us of our options, recommending the best option for our changing needs. We highly recommend George for his personable and friendly manner working with us over the years.

Tony and Bonnie P., Lake Charles, LA

When I was nearing age 65, a friend referred me to George Yardley for my Medicare plan. I was so glad to find an insurance agent who was willing to sit down and explain this maize of rules, regulations and options. Together we determined which plan was best for me. George was patient, kind and professional. He always responds promptly to my calls and emails, answering my questions thoroughly.
And every year, he sends the funniest birthday cards! I have given his name and number to several friends, knowing they will get the same wonderful service that I have enjoyed.

Connie M., Canon City, CO

I have known Mr. George Yardley since December of 2007 when he assisted my wife in setting up her Medicare Account and the necessary supplements; then, in July 2015, George assisted me in setting up my Medicare Account and the necessary supplements. I can’t believe one could find a more knowledgeable agent to provide assistance with Medicare and the necessary supplements. George also assists us at the time of renewal each year to make sure we are getting the best bang for our buck – I would completely recommend George to anyone that needs a true Medicare professional."

Lloyd "Tyke" P., General Manager of Tyke Pierce Construction, Steamboat Spring, CO

George Yardley was such a great help to me when I took out Medicare. I did not take Medicare at 65 years of age because I continued to work and so continued the medical insurance the company provided. However, when I did start looking for Medicare coverage, I was totally lost as to who to go with for a supplement and what to do about my Medicare coverage. Fortunately, one of my friends referred me to George Yardley. I called and made an appointment and he came out to my office to show me the different plans and coverages that were available and compared them. I told him I wanted the best available with the lowest deductible and he got me the right plan, an RX supplement and all was taken care of. Each year he reviews my files to see if I am in the best plans for my needs and it has been smooth sailing all the way! Thank you, George, for giving me such expert advice!

Pat R., Executive Assistant to Dean Singleton, Chairman, The Denver Post, Highlands Ranch, CO

George has been my independent insurance agent for about 10 years now. He has been indispensable in finding the best coverage for both secondary insurance and prescriptions at the most affordable rates. Georges is well-versed in a wide range of insurance issues and coverage. I find his advice on insurance issues to be very helpful in my making decisions. George is readily available for appointments and is proactive in scheduling meetings to review my insurance needs for the upcoming year.

Fred B., Brighton, CO

When we were getting close to retirement & had no clue how Medicare worked, we were so fortunate to find George Yardley, who eased us through the Medicare process, & answered all our questions. George came to our house, found the plan that best fit our needs, & got us signed up, online. George has since stayed in touch with us, answering follow-up questions, as needed. We referred some of our friends to George, as they reached retirement, & they were grateful to have George’s help, also. We highly recommend you using George’s Medicare service, as not only does he make the whole Medicare process go smoothly, his service is free to you!

Rodger & Dana, Aurora, Co.

George Yardley is tireless in helping people with their insurance needs. So tireless as to venture into the faraway western slope to give advice to those not regularly served. He has knocked on my office door for about 14 years now, tweaking this and suggesting changes as my needs evolve. His advice is always right on.

Dean M., Sundesigns Architects, Glenwood Springs, CO

George Yardley’s exceptional service made enrolling in a long-term care insurance plan simple and convenient. His explanations were easy to understand; he helped me choose the best coverage option for my situation, and he walked me through the process of filling out the forms. I did not even have to travel to his location – he made a house call, driving all the way up to my home in the foothills. That was about 10 years ago; since then, he has also worked with me on Medicare supplemental insurance. Besides being readily available by phone or email to answer questions, he has also proactively kept my interests in mind. Recently, he contacted me about a new, less expensive supplemental plan and helped me switch over – saving me $65 a month in premiums. Much appreciated, George!

Pamela M., Loveland, CO

I have used George for the last 20 years to help me choose the best Medicare plan for Medigap insurance and medicare D drug insurance. George does all the work, checking all options and comparisons to find which plans are best for me. He does all this work for just a thank you from me.

Charlie P., Arvada, CO

Our professional dealings have been more than satisfactory. He is a very personable person to work with.

Jack and Betty L., Bailey, CO

A couple of years ago, I retired at age 64. Medicare was on my doorstep and it was very confusing to me with all the options. I contacted George Yardley who cut through all the red tape for me and helped me select the right package for me that I use to this day. I recommend him to anyone with a similar situation. He was punctual, thorough, efficient and thorough.

Lanford P., Smithfield, VA

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